Double Dehumidifier-Medical Air Control Unit (MEDICAIR)

کد کالا TJBM211 دسته بندی

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TJI 0703

اتصال خروجی

مهره "G1/4

اتصال ورودی

مهره "G1/4


0 – 10 bar

فشار ورودی

0 – 10 bar

نوع گاز ورودی



صنایع فلزی و پنوماتیکی – برش پلاسما و صنایع مرتبط – صنایع رنگ کاری – صنایع جواهر سازی

Main technical features:

1- Double Dehumidifier-Medical Air Control Unit (MedicAir)

2- 4 HEPA Filters to remove unwanted dirt and bacteria for optimal performance

3- Filters element are easily interchangeable and replaceable

4- Easy element replacement, the element and the bowl are integrated. Replacement can be done in hand

5- Better visibility & increased safety the bowl is covered with a transparent bowl guard.

6- Manual Drain (Automatic Drain Option with timer Available)

7-Bracket Included

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